To give it´s also To participate!

Help our children to build, together, a better world!

The Instituto Tocando em Você is located at the Tijuca neighborhood, in the city of Rio de Janeiro. It aspires to improve the everyday life of many children and teenagers by giving them the possibility to express themselves in an artistic way, to take a new rise in their personal development, and to realize a social action in the vulnerable communities of this district of Rio.

 The reasons to donate?

The institute takes care of disadvantaged children desiring to learn, to expand their school knowledges, to discover a new instrument of learning or simply wishing to exchange, discuss, or to express freely through theater plays or dance.

Your donation will enable the institute to help these children by giving them the possibility to be listened by a social worker, to have psychological help, or to receive some school assistance.


The children of Tocando em voce: 

Learn about our house:

How to help us?

You can focus your donations on the project which is the closest to your heart.
Here is a recap chart of all the possibilities opened to you:

Package A

Package B Choice C
Monthly donation to reinforce the activities of ITV and children’s need. Donations to sponsor possible needed therapies for kids. Donations used for the internal working of the NGO and invested in cultural projects to come.

Minimum donation : 20 euros

Standart donation : 70 euros

Premium donation : 100 euros

Minimum donation : 20 euros

Standard donation : 70 euros

Premium donation : 150 euros

Minimum donation : 20 euros

Standard donation : 70 euros

Premium donation : 100 euros

The Premium donation will enable you to receive exclusively a lot of pictures and videos of the association’s routine, of the children, but also of all accomplished projects.

Material for donation:

 Music instruments: violin, viola, cello, double bass, clarinet, oboe, percussion instruments.
– School supplies: paper, books, pencils, erasers, gouache painting, acrylic painting, paintbrushes, sketches-notebooks, notebooks.
– Desk supplies: paper-clip, files, computers, keyboards.
– Cleaning and hygiene supplies.

Feel free to contact us if you wish to participate in our mission!